Mortuary: Acrylic Fibre ½”Glass Square Type Height Model - Model Number (MM4)

Benefits & Purpose

  • Body visible at every angles
  • All models included in led lights
  • All models have wheels or leg models
  • Have digital display, temperature adjustable are every models
  • Full stainless steel
  • Low power consumption
  • Easy handling
  • Every models are working under 2000 Kva generator
  • Two models can be workable under 2800 Kva generator

Product Specification

Length – 203 cm

Width - 71 cm

Height - 90 cm

Moving on wheel

Compressor mfd : by Emerson, ECZ hermetic FHP reciprocating compressors. CLI award winner for most innovative energy saving product of the year.

Power watts-286/running amps-1.3 single phase / 220volt.

Model Number : MM4